My programs/Your Future

1. Appreciate your whole-life health; past, present and future.Fotosearch_k17290915
Your health history, activity history and desires & expectations for the future – basically what you WANT for your future and how healthy you need to be to do that.

2. Integrate basic exercise, and recognize how it amplifies your authentic self.
Learning about basic movements and exercises, what they feel like to you, and what you need to know how to do in order to get comfortable with your body now, and the body you need for your future.
2a. – Learning how to adapt physical movements and activities for your personal needs and limitations.

3. Anticipate physical changes so you adapt with ease and maintain your zest.
Anticipating physical changes and considering adaptations for those possible/likely changes.

4. Ensure your eating habits and the food you eat feed your dynamism.
Becoming aware of how and what you are eating, what you feel about food and your habits around, and relationship with, people Recognizing what you might want to change, and what you don’t want to change.

5. Savor your sleep so you delight in your day.
Getting in touch with how you feel about how you sleep, becoming aware of the role of sleep in all facets of health, and looking at ways to maximize the benefit of sleep for you individually.

6. Understand how and why pain keeps you from being your best.
what its role is in health, what are the mechanisms of pain, different kinds of pain, describing pain, anticipating pain, emotional aspects of pain – both as a cause and a result.

7. Learn to respect your past while appreciating your new motivations.
Revisiting your past and present health, health habits, and the emotions and emotional ties that have determined, and often still heart-clip-artdetermine, how you approach your health.

8. Find fun ways to take care of your whole self without guilt or regret.
Learning what self care means to and for you. Learning various methods to enhance self care, physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually. Healthy boundaries, pleasure practices, practicing gratitude.

9. Reconnect your mind and body with practices that rejuvenate you.
Learning about and trying specific kinds of mind-body practices. Learning about how some, like yoga, tai chi and martial arts often have separate, as well as multiple, mind-body facets.

10. Develop confidence to prepare for and consult with your health care providers.
learning about and choosing different providers. Articulating your own needs and understanding of your own body (including communicating your wishes, needs and understanding with your family).

11. Trust what you intuitively know to research medical conditions and health information.
Know and discern sources of information, find, read and understand those sources, and know which ones resonate with you.
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12. Integrate what you’re learning, what you know, and what you want to know in order to manifest your most authentic health.
Tying together the whole course, sharing resources and ideas, forming networks and moving forward with curiosity that is well equipped to handle what ever comes up.