What’s Important Now

What’s important now? If you read my last blog, I mentioned there was a time lapse between when I wrote the blog and when I published it – just over a month. I liked what I wrote, I wasn’t deliberately resisting publishing it. The fact is there were too many things I wanted to do that were more important than sitting at my computer, trying to put together a decent looking blog.

So I didn’t. I also went a few months (did you miss me?) without posting at all.

First of all, we’ve had some pretty perfect weather here on the Oregon Coast. My being blissfully present in my current life insists I be out playing in this weather. I finally bought a bike that fits me perfectly, and I gotta ride! I have a few new girlfriends who like to go playing with me, so I gotta go play! My husband suggested we rejoin the fun gym, and go together (and he wanted to put his body in my hands)

so you KNOW I gotta go do that!

Then I have an older friend who is fighting brain cancer. She and her wife are both dear to me, so I have taken over doing a monthly newsletter for them, as well as coming when they call to do a few little things. That’s what’s important now.

foxglove 1And, rather suddenly, Ray (my husband) and I found a house we decided to buy, and we’re in the middle of that. I really love nesting, even though we haven’t closed yet. We’re both making lots of plans for the house and the garden. Gotta do that…it’s my bliss!

SOOO…what about my business?

Well, I have faith, and I’m not worried. I’ve checked in, believe me! I still allow the possibility that I’m simply afraid to do something new to a degree that’s out of my comfort zone. Sure, that is possible, but everything is really going great. That’s what’s important now.

Two of my new friends are directly helping me clarify my business vision and craft my business plan. I’ve hooked up with a great group of people to get involved in a statewide program that fits right in with what I’m planning for the big picture. I’m listening directly to what’s concerning “olders” (a term Ashton Applewhite uses in This Chair Rocks, and I like for us eternally middle-aging folks)

AND I’m practicing what I preach by doing what makes me happy NOW!

At this point my desk is covered with notes, in notebooks, in journals, on pieces of paper. Some of them have gotten into my computer in word format, but several have not. I’ll find the time to get most of the paper transcribed into my computer..eventually. Yes, I’ve heard consistency is important for good business. I’m good with that. My first responsibility to me, and to the world, is to be consistently healthy and happy.

That builds and maintains right relationship with all that is. I know without a doubt when I pass that on through my work, helping others like me to be healthy and happy, it will be a beautiful thing.

Meanwhile Facebook, my website and blog, and the rest of the paperless world will just wait.

P.S. As I was writing this and fussing over the look of my website I forgot about my weekly Fusion Belly Dance class, and woke up the next morning in dismay! Ah, well… it still happens.


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