YoBody now Includes Inviting Aging

In case you’ve resisted opening my blog from Inviting Aging, that’s where my YoBody Blog and website now live. For those of you who know about such things, the simple URL” YoBody.com”, though not being used, is taken. I decided Inviting Aging spoke more directly to what I’m doing, so Inviting Aging it is! YoBody is too much fun to give up, however, so I still want to use that for something…eventually. And I love the logo I designed for it, so for now the business name is YoBody – Inviting Aging.

There’s also a story behind the word cloud at the head of my YoBody website/blog. I realize that it’s a bit busy and bright, so I will moderate it sooner than later, but here’s the story:

I was at my last business retreat and we did an exercise where each of us stood and introduced ourselves and our business. After each of us did that, the others wrote, on a post-it, words they felt described us and our communication style. At the end of the piece we each had all of the post-its, with their wonderfully astute observations, in front of us. They were ours to take home to use when our energies, confidence, etc. need a boost.

Someone in another program I’ve been working with told us about Wordle, and how you could make a word cloud using the site. I made a list of the words used to describe me. If a word was used multiple times it got multiple listings. I entered them into the program and played with the shapes and colors and voila! I think it is a great visual to keep me feeling appreciated for how I’m seen by others. The words that are largest are the ones used most often. These people didn’t know me well, so this is a pretty true representation of how I come across when I’m doing something I love.

Why I love the playful YoBody

So often we’re so critical of ourselves. Often this is because we’re not fully aware that we CHOOSE how we see ourselves. We tell ourselves we have low self esteem, we’re not successful, we’re overweight, we’re old and any number of other things that we automatically subscribe to. Let me say that those “conditions” were well represented in that group, but it wasn’t what we others saw – and we weren’t just trying to be nice.

We saw each other as strong, sparkly, warm, passionate, professional, brilliant, beautiful, inspiring and much more! We can say, “YoBody! Look at me!”

Why I believe in Inviting Aging

The more life we get under our belts, the more of these wonderful adjectives we acquire. The problem is that we aren’t aware of them. It’s a slow journey for most of us, so it’s easy to stay on autopilot, rather than notice and choose. There’s a fascinating and helpful book written by Bill Harris called “The New Science of Super Awareness” and you can get it free here. I’ve used his meditation system, Holosync, for years now and it has been a game-changer for me.

Yes, I want to keep my body fit, but I want to do it so I can be the most authentically and enjoyable and inviting ME as I age. I don’t want to be younger. I don’t think any of us who are aware, even remotely, of who we have become want to be younger. I do, however, want to live and choose very fully into the next 40 years of my life. In the first half of my life I didn’t know I could do that. I know now that it isn’t easy, and I also know I can do it. I want to be so dynamically aware when I reach the end that I will just dissolve into…dissolving in joy

Well, yes, this IS actually my soapbox, and you’re all welcome up here with me!

I ask that you get playful with YoBody

and get set for Inviting Aging!



Laziness, Guilt and Overwhelm, Oh my!

Yes, It’s been a while since I posted, and I’m learning like crazy! And like so many things that come full circle if we only pay attention, here is this.

I tend to be an upbeat, energetic, happy person. On the other hand, I’m constantly working to overcome a life-long habit of having a negative, judgmental first reaction to too many things. Being aware of this helps a lot, but when I find myself judging, or rationalizing negative thoughts I tend to feel guilt.

I’m very empathetic, but my first reaction is often judgment. As I work to connect my heart and my head I understand the roots of this better, and the surface fear and negativity fade.

Beating myself up over this tendency does me no good. The more I do so, the more overwhelmed I get with the task I’ve chosen.

Lazy is Overwhelm?

The other day a friend and I were having a conversation on her radio show. She mentioned how difficult it is to change habits – we were talking about health habits. She said, “We get lazy.”

It struck me like a bolt of lightning – and I said, “With all the information we get, the pressure we put on ourselves, the pressures others put on us, I think what we often see as laziness is actually overwhelm!”

That’s especially so if we’re feeling inadequate and guilty and beating ourselves up internally.

If it’s true for me, it certainly can be true for others.  Fotosearch_k6783991

I think one of the best ways to quell that overwhelm is to find a person or group who are on the same quest as you are.

Start by taking small steps, small leaps of faith. Start by speaking your truth, not the one that rationalizes the negativity, but rather the one that says you’re afraid and overwhelmed and judging yourself about it.

When you find someone to share this with, reach out and explore together. Find teachers and sources you trust for the information that freaks you out the most. You will find a lot that doesn’t necessarily help, but you will also find just enough that DOES help you.

Handling My Own Overwhelm

I’ve got a lot of the health information and sources well in hand, but my weakness was (and still is) business.

I hired a business coach which was a HUGE leap of faith for me – a leap of faith in myself.

That group of like-minded and, as importantly, like-hearted people has helped me learn to share the overwhelm and insecurity. The have helped me to learn to ask for help – and to practice that – because I’ve been sooo bad at asking for help. And I’ve learned things that have made me grow as the person I want to be, and the business person I want to be.

Addressing Your Own Overwhelm

So when you find yourself feeling lazy don’t feel guilty. Ask yourself if you might be overwhelmed at the enormity of the task you’re not addressing. Bond with the first person you share that sentiment with and commit to one thing that will help lighten your load.

Guess what? Sharing with someone WAS the first step. Committing was the second step. See, it works!

Ease Doesn’t Always Come Easy

It often amazes me when I realize how hard I have resisted things that have given my life ease.
Baby Boomers, being the rebels we often still are, sometimes resist the “newest thing”. There are lots of things we put in that category, whether they really belong there or not.

As a matter of fact, a lot of our parents have done that too. Then, when we’re having trouble doing what needs to get done, often working with old tools, from old paradigms, we get über frustrated.

If you’re anything like me, you really don’t like asking for help at all. Continue reading