I was in a new loop of joy for a while. Now I’m back.

I’m Back! Yes, I’ve been out of the business loop for a few months… and I am full of joy with where I have been. My husband and I decided to buy a house, found one within our budget, and bought it! We have rented, essentially all of our lives, so this was a big decision, and a big change. I’m taking away some big lessons too.

One of those lessons is my habit of making do with what I have. It is amazing how we rationalize our divine nature, and settle for the “safety” of the mundane over the joy of our desire. I’m not talking about greed here, or not being able to be grateful for enough, but rather acknowledging that what is important to us over time may well be important for us to have. It doesn’t matter if it is valued by anyone else. We are important enough to experience our own joy..

The Joy of Owning a Home

I realized that, to me, owning a home meant I was no longer living at the whim of a landlord, under threat of having the rug pulled from under me, through no fault of my own. The trials of home ownership are worth it in the end. Yes, I know that living two blocks from the beach, in the tsunami inundation zone, could have its hazards, but I am all for living where I want to live, rather than living where I don’t especially want to live – out of fear. I decide to live in joy.

Yes, ownership within our budget means doing a lot of work to make the house comfortable. That’s especially true of a 1985 manufactured home… two blocks from the beach… on two large lots… which means there is enough gardening to be done… well, forever.

Enough joy for forever

I spent the last three months nesting. Not the easy, sit-back-and-peruse kind of nesting, but a-lot-of-creative-hard-work nesting. I was happy doing it, and I’m joyous now that part of it is done. Oh yeah… I asked for, and got, help with all of this too.


Ray experiences joy on the beach

Two paragraphs ago my husband and I took a walk down to the beach. We’re back! Joy!

I’m still spending a little time doing body work on others, as well as being part of a belly dance class and helping guide a Tai Chi for Better Balance class. I still ride my bike, and I’m back at the gym – which I realize I really love. I can’t imagine not sharing with others the joy of feeling great in one’s own body.

the-book-of-joyCoincidentally (if you believe in that sort of thing) I just bought several copies of The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Douglas Carlton Abrams. I sent my Mom the first copy and she hadn’t seen it yet, so she was, yes, JOYOUS!

So I’m back.

But I’m paying attention to what really gives me joy. I love interior design using my eclectic sense of style. I do enjoy hard physical work, to a degree. But I still have much more to share in terms of my knowledge and experience, and I will.

Validation at the Laundromat

Who would have guessed I could get a well-needed validation at the laundromat? I don’t have my own washer and dryer in my own home and that has drawbacks… which can also be blessings.

This morning in the laundromat or washateria, (a word which my husband once disallowed as a 50 point Scrabble word, using all my tiles on a triple point square. Then we traveled together down south and he saw the word.. but I digress).washateria

Sometimes I start doubting myself. I think there’s evidence people are aging pretty darned well. It seems most olders I talk to lately think they’re doing fine physically, and that’s going to continue indefinitely. They’re in touch with their health, they say. Maybe I underestimate the need for people to reassess their conscious movement abilities. Maybe most people have healthier habits than I think. Continue reading

 What’s Important Now

What’s important now? If you read my last blog, I mentioned there was a time lapse between when I wrote the blog and when I published it – just over a month. I liked what I wrote, I wasn’t deliberately resisting publishing it. The fact is there were too many things I wanted to do that were more important than sitting at my computer, trying to put together a decent looking blog.

So I didn’t. I also went a few months (did you miss me?) without posting at all.

First of all, we’ve had some pretty perfect weather here on the Oregon Coast. My being blissfully present in my current life insists I be out playing in this weather. I finally bought a bike that fits me perfectly, and I gotta ride! I have a few new girlfriends who like to go playing with me, so I gotta go play! My husband suggested we rejoin the fun gym, and go together (and he wanted to put his body in my hands) Continue reading