Can we deal with surprises by changing AND staying true to ourselves?

Surprises in life are amazing! Surprises encourage responses and changes to adapt to them; so we never stop changing. Life never stops surprising me. I never lack new decisions to make. Resisting that change and those surprises would be a big mistake, no matter how big of a pain they seem at the time they arise. The adjustments/changes always challenge us about to how to stay true to ourselves.

I intended to write and to post in the past couple of months. I certainly had lots of material to post about, but I mostly turned it over in my mind. (I wrote in at the beginning of this month and have been trying to make it prettier.)

One of the biggest questions I struggle with is:

“How do I live my authentic life, staying true to myself, while also taking time to write about it?”

I teach about what it takes to learn to stay healthy and fit as these aging bodies keep changing. It seems that as I study and write and post, and try to learn and keep up with the technology that brings me information and gets my information “out there,” it all takes up more time than I expect. It’s a lot to learn. Most of you will identify with this conundrum at some level.

We are older and have learned a lot that we want to apply to our lives, and pass along if we can. Do we choose to do what we are called to do for ourselves, or do we compromise some of that in order to take the time and energy to pass it along?

me playingThe issue is especially poignant when it has to do with keeping my body active. Every time I slow down by sitting in front of the computer, I can feel my body telling me, “It’s your choice!”

If I’m on a roll, do I still get up and go for a walk? Really, rain is no excuse…

When a friend calls and asks for help – as they get older they do this more frequently- do I drop what I’m doing, or do I say that I can’t right now?

Actually it ends up being a bit of both.

And some things that I would like to happen have to take a lower priority.

I’m learning that’s the whole thing – I get to choose what I want my priorities to be – and I get to change them when they need changing.

Don’t get me wrong, my biggest priorities are still in the forefront.

My theme for 2016 is CONNECTION & SUCCESS

These are the beliefs I’m prioritizing:

1. I have a secure, fantastic income that flows to me.

2. I have my perfect home and the ability to change my mind and my home.

3. My business is needed and in demand. People love to work with me.

4. Friends and family love being with me, and I with them. I stay in touch and follow up, as do they.

5. I can afford time and money to keep in good health. I have a variety of fun ways to stay active and strong.

Doesn’t mean there won’t be surprises, but I’ve gotten this far

by changing with the need. It’s my choice!


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