Live to 100

There’s a good chance you’ll live to be 100.

If you are 65 now, it is likely you have another 25 – 30 years of life ahead.

If you are 50, chances are you’ll live to be 100 – or more.

What does that look like to you?

If you have as much life ahead of you as you have already lived…more life than you had previously dreamed of, what will you do with it?

Have you already considered traveling, spending time with children and grandchildren, engaging in meaningful volunteer activity, learning new skills? There’s an opportunity here to have a whole new occupation, maybe one you’ve only dreamed of, to engage your creative nature…

That’s a lot of life!

Is your body ready for it? What is your current relationship with your body? If you and your body have treated each other well, you are probably off to a good start. But even if you and your body aren’t on the best of terms, or if you don’t really know your body well, or even if your body has done the old change-up on you, there are ways to get back on good terms and stay that way.

There IS time…

But most people need a little help and some need a lot. That’s where I come in.

I’m Jackie Wolfe and I got an early start on facing that changing relationship with my body. Over the past 50-some years I have learned a lot about how bodies work (both my own and others’.) I have learned and educated others about how we have choices in responding to those changes, and about how we can adapt.

We can be amazing!

By the time we reach the halfway mark in our lives we have an incredible set of tools to be fascinating and fascinated, fun, evolved and evolving people.

We can be the people that interesting people want to invite into their lives,

and the people that others want to be invited by.

Instead of diminishing and disappearing with age, we can be the ones others miss when we’re away; the ones people look forward to having in their lives. Let’s make sure our bodies, and our relationship to them, are on board for living fully into our second lives.

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